survival for the fist fuckers/news for the weary/separation of time and space


Hey stupid:

Don’t forget to fail

Don’t get home too early

Don’t take the keys out of the ignition

Don’t talk to that pretty girl with the prettier tattoos

Don’t listen to Armed Forces again

Don’t pack that bong again

Don’t quit that dead end job


Don’t pick up that trash you stumble over

Don’t stop the robbery you see across the street

Don’t make fun of that asshole wearing baggy jeans and cowboy boots


Don’t make new/any friends. You will both be disappointed

Don’t be relevant

Don’t lynch pastor Thomas Robbtime_warriors.png

Don’t risk it

imgres.jpgDon’t worry about her…she’ll be fine

Don’t read that poem again

Don’t feed that miserable fuck you see on the steps of the Basilica

Don’t vote—Rock-a-billy chicks run the world

Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Don’t worry.

Don’t listen…just keep talking



dropped off halfway from a house/less/home left

she asked where the shoes came from. said i couldnt remember. it was a long time ago. no, that has nothing to do with it. i just cant remember. thats all. no, they are not custom made, im just poor. we disagree. i cant always see the beauty. i lie. no, not to you. just to them. this feels one-sided, no my side. those girls in line are talking about pavement. no, i havent heard THE SUBURBS yet. is that out? really? is it as good as it sounds? oh, cool. yeah, those girls are too skinny. not unhealthy, just too skinny. i cant talk right now. no, just distracted. dont be like that. that was so long ago. i missed it. i missed it. this as all of value. no stupid, not this. THIS.


fresh breaths/fresh patterns/fresh flesh

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kissie catastrophe said...

this is my favorite thing in the world today. thank you. fuck downtown sadness and jerks and lack of empathy and shittiness'