The Sandbox Turned Into an Art Project, and Everyone Died

We can spend all our life trying to build. I've been told this house will get built some day. I don't know when we're naming while we build things and the things about names

There's no problem here, in this house. Think about that. You called it. No big deal. Everyone wants this. Rainbow here and Everyone fine. We're rainbow in this house and okay. 
rainbow and everyone is fine. rainbows don't come.
There's a dangerSuppose you can form memory cells. Think about how loose and inappropriate they are instantly, outburst from a full, unused form. 
contrive to have 
a spontaneous , themselves do not require
clutch of name figures horizontally stretching whereas previously vertical. 
 in a carelessly named mix, without subtlety,  given omnisciently, usually in it
This is how they think of their own, when they lie to me, imagine I will always appear.
You can't have this.  unless it's official but not yet, I'll avoid that and you, and having stolen it from down below. It doesn't fit. Bones to the things on which you hang.

memory cells sticky like chewed gum,
sticky like sentence left for months,
sticky like simulating conversation, who knows how to name next.

Now where you're given to life before-before being called, names even being indicated. In the aftermath, never as the given prior. And 'm not talking about a huddling-naming, I hope, this isn't something insignificant, to think it's rare and useless or better. about medieval tapestries of linguistic being. Supposing that it's  that has to be described, together we let this have-been-named.

its this word, rainbows not a rainbow
come and say hello, that's a word too.
word isn't good word anymore
It was dinosar bones that you were paying rent on.
Fucking rent, on dinosaur bones. Paying it. 'sabsurd.
all of a sudden the anymore
I've never been there, or elsewhere
you heard?
go ghosts ahead, what you thought.
that    was a house but  , 

Until some ghosts , and then , because we never built it. Suddenly the rainbow, we built it in this house.  
You think that I named that a house, that's not helpful. You think that I named that a mortgage and the names of the money to pay it. You think that I named that, that I am capricious, that only you've been building, one by one, slowly, meaning on the thing you can claim.

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