"If I Were a Boy..."

Things my girl students would do, if they, in the manner of Beyoncé and Reba, were a boy:
1.       have short hair
2.       like work
3.       not buy a skirt
4.       be silky
5.       have a big dong
6.       smell cat
7.       get a test zero score (example sung gi jung)
8.       make a mistake
9.       have a gun
10.   catch the thief
11.   yell at the thief
12.   be very silly, because not hard study
13.   grow a beard
14.   have a robot and gun
15.   buy accessories for my girlfriend
16.   gold is very many
17.   smoke outside
18.   fight someone
19.   have a healthy, strong body
20.   get a gun
21.   shoot a gun because boys are exciting
22.   fight, because I’m strong
23.   be tall, because my friends are all tall
24.   eat most favorite food and sleep because I don’t have an idea (fat)
25.   go to the army because go to army rules
26.   get a gun and play computer games and enjoy.
27.   perhaps I could drink much soju
28.   I could swear bad words
29.   just be free and not study, I would enjoy my life because this is my dream

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