The Selected Wittgenstein on Aesthetics

Wittgenstein on Music

It is stupid to call a piece of music Spring Melody or Spring Sym­phony. But "springy" wouldn’t be absurd at all.

"What is the queer rhythm which makes me wobble?"
"It is the 3 against 4."

Wittgenstein on Literature

When I read these poems I made gestures and facial expressions which were what would be called gestures of approval.

Wittgenstein on the Arts

I want to make you sad. I show you a picture, and you are sad.

I have a statue which bleeds.

I don’t make queer gestures and noise; but I do when I see a door or a face.

I draw your attention to differences and say: "Look how different these differences are!"

Wittgenstein’s thoughts about you

Suppose I give you a pill which gives you feelings in the stomach.

If we boil you at 200° C all that is left when the water vapour is gone is some ashes, etc., so this is all you really are.

If you went to Mars and men were spheres with sticks coming out, you wouldn’t know what to look for.

Look here. The molecules in the sofa attract the molecules in your brain, etc…

We would think it lack of education if you didn’t think of a rod as being made of atoms.

I predict correctly that if you lower the door, I will be satisfied.

Wittgenstein on Himself

Would it matter if instead of saying "This is lovely", I just rubbed my stomach?

What similarity has my admiring a person with my eating vanila ice and liking it?

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