Okpo Land 옥포랜드

In 1999, an amusement park went out of business in Okpo-Dong, a port city on the Korean island of Geoje. Nobody tore it down, so for a decade, people have crawled through a hole in the fence to drink beer, play with broken carousel horses, break things, light butane bombs and start fires. Here are some photos of it.

Bumper Car under grid
the stars come out
overgrown ride
horse in bumper car
unicorn crash
horses in a hole
Horse in White Horn
coaster in the distance
shattered house
hard penis
horse in rubble
plaque of bear
landscape around
View of Rocket
zoom cars
rocket ship
the View from Okpo Land
man in crow's nest
coaster overtaken
A decayed illustration
A hole
penis in hole
viking boat
a sign
bombed out
punch machine
ducks in a row
off kilter duck
weeds in the ceiling
weeds overtake sun house
View of the Port
overgrown track
broken horse

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