Birthday Pig

Which pig,
he did die first, which pig,
he did die before the other,
which pig, he left alone for
his long minute, which pig
was it for, to die second.

The oldest pig, he did die
first, being the oldest his
lungs and guts were holding
longer than life had held,
he carried on with him the
smell or sense of death had
happened, it only hadn't
finished on him yet, one
dozen or two dozen year
fall out a window, the
oldest pig, he was the one
to die before the younger,
the one shaded harder blue,
the one so shaded make it
hard to look at him, blue
from freezing or suffocate
from inside, turned lungs.

But younger pig and older
pig were now to make the
same shades, minutes of
looking on them held in
touch, too late, for which
is first means both are
dead, both pigs are blue,
too late for older, for
younger, these are pigs
are blue and going more.

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