Closed letter to God

It has recently come to the attention of many people on Earth that you may be spending too much time with us. Perhaps your efforts would be more well suited for a planet in a neighboring galaxy. Or perhaps you could investigate the true nature of black holes and dark matter. See, we have pretty much figured out that we have no idea what the hell is going on here, and if we haven't got it by now what are the odds that we ever will before we drown in the decrepit barrel of toxic waste that will be our future. And I would just like to say that it's so totally not you ok, it is totally us. We fail to understand each other if it is at all possible, we constantly bicker and squabble over worthless material items that only strain our ability to give a damn about another human being, and we are in constant pursuit of separation from consciousness by an onslaught of drugs. Our souls are filthy and our minds have spoiled. Our hearts have been drained of all decency and our minds seek only to gain your disapproval. The world we walk in has been stripped of hero's and our youth now seek only to weed out the old an lay in their riches. Global conquest is now the necessary mind set expected from our world leaders as we march in eager anticipation towards impending nuclear holocaust. We do not ask for your help or beg for mercy. We wish not for your blessing nor ask for your sympathy. We will not put our knees to the dirt and cry out for your empathy, for we know you have none to give. So we have come to face you with all our faults and all our hopes on the line for the last time. We do not wish to impress you or attempt to somehow mask the truth that is so plainly obvious. We merely wish to emphasize the fact that we have given up and that we would just like to be left alone. So as we communicate for the last time lest us just take a moment to remember the good times...That was nice. Now if you would kindly fuck off we will not have to take this any farther.

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