Shall we?...

I have invited you all here to take part in what I would like to call "something thats pretty lame, but like, totally awesome." We all have stayed in touch to a pretty good level here, but sometimes... sometimes its hard. With phone calls being so personal and "talky talky" and emails being so... I don't know, seperated... nobody actaully likes putting in those extra addresses in the CC box.

Here now, right here on the other hand has the potential to be totally rad. You know, like I post something dumb, and then, The grza posts something dumb, and then someone yells at the GRZA because he's more annoying online that in person, then somebody posts a picture of some horribly offensive/grotesque scene from a 3rd world country and we all chuckle etc...

so yeah, lets start our battle... our war on the physical seperations between us all... and post some totally retarded words on a public forum!


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