Ummm... yeah.

This is a new era!!!... of loneliness.

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Dr. Dan (The bondage man) said...

Well we have finally reached an era of commuinication that the rest of the world has been suffering in for a couple of years now. Thanks mostly to eric we will all now be able to "keep in touch" with one another, silly euphomisms aside, does this thing have spell check, because this may not be a very effective means of closed circuit media otherwise. I'm gonna have to copy and paste everything onto a word document and then copy and paste that...no,no,no I wont do that I'm sorry we will all just have to live with each other's manner of miscommunication and read into it what we like. Blogs are so fucking gay, I can hardly believe I am writing this, but I thought I heard you mumble something about the greater good, or were you just making fun of me?
You wanna know what I think about the olympics, I'll bet you do. You wanna know what i think about current event X, or political issue Y, doubt it. Yet that is what eric has doomed us all for with the creation of this monstrosity that he calls a means to better enjoy one another from a safe distance, did he say that?