Crime Spree

All I remember is that
there was a smash.
Smash mash smash
Then a smash, mash, smash.
Followed by a crash.
Finally. A flash.

Stompo stompo stompo, flash! Broken arms, broken legs, broken feet, TRASH!

THRASH? I said TRASH! Smash!
Smash, dash the flash crash, cures a dash of rash...Alan Alda...fuck

His name, is Manuel Transmission, but where is his master? Maste, No maste, Namaste, No maste....Partial maste, I must admit, we have a small piece, I think it's part of the head. Prime maste head, very very expensive, too expensive for you.

Past tense particles all touch each other in equal numbers, which is why we can remember it all so clearly. That's not true, I was lying to you, but that is why we can remember it all so clearly...Alan Alda! ...Fuck.

Corporation, large corporation, Infinite Purchasing Power of Large Corporation, provided by Large Corporation, partial maste head, diced, smashed, flashed, etc. When you purchase, we provide, when you purchase we divide, when you purchase we collide, you and me, me and you, we became the corporation, you became the meme, it will outlast you, beyond your form, your dead body rots in a grave you purchased from the corporation and the corporation grows because of the collision, the division, the provision, we will sustain longer than...Alan Alda, fuck!

You will not again go so far over my head up top climbing chains of commands. Chains, chains, clanking smash, no one takes out my trash, when will we get community wide civic trash disposal, councilman? When will this finally become a priority for you old fucking dogs who get to eat from our tables because you tell us what to do? I think you should pick up my garbage you fucking cocksucker, get on your knees and eat the wrapper, eat the fucking wrapper now this is a gun this is a gun this is the recitation of this is a gun, where did it come from, I aimed it at your head, now eat the fucking wrapper, clean my garbage can, when it is full, which means when you are full of my garbage, my burger king wrappers, my burger king french fry boxes, my burger king ketchup cups, my collection of burger king crowns because when I go into a new burger king I tell them it's my child's birthday and he's at home and I need to get a crown with my adult meal so he will be satisfied when I return...Alan Al-....FUCKFUCKFUCK!

No one parts the seas like the old ones, the old men from the nursing home, they do this whole routine, it was so cute, yeah, from when they were children, from when they were children, it was so cute, they do this whole routine, the old men from the nursing home, no one parts the seas like the old ones.

Chain smoking chain smoking ch-ch-ch-chains shouts the chorus, always trying to be the center of attention, aren't they special, and I'm not kidding you, the third one up there, her eyelashes have to glued on, it's not fucking possible to have eyelashes that long, but jesus, I'd impregnate her if given a whole chance, you have to get the full on yes, these days especially, she's what, 16? 15? Fuck, that's legal in Andorra, if I remember right, I'll just fucking take her to Andorra, that's not illegal, no federal jurisdiction, no world court for statutory... 15...fuck, those are nice eyelashes.
Alda, goddamn it, don't walk past me again, fuck you Hawkeye, I'll smash your fucking face in, I'll smash you to death, I shouted, then Smashsmashmashsmashcrashflash!


madam tyrant said...

seriously grant you're starting to make me nervous dear. Are you feeling all right?

Anna Nym said...

I know you protest it much, but, like it or not, this is as beat as it gets.