Black, White, and Puckered

Cole? Cole...are you there? Is Cole still alive, Christ let's not start that shit again. At any rate, on April first Derik is coming to MPLS to get our tuxedo fitting groove on, and Cole, Aaron, and Eric should all come with for the sake of simplification, and so we call all go to a show or a bar and have a couple 13,14 and maybe, just maybe, somebody will throw up in my apartment, but don't get your hopes up. Good god, did you see that last sentence, that shit was like mothafuckin' Walden. Anyway, if somebody, aaron, would confirm the continuing existence of Cole and inform him of his sacred duties to the Shitizen Nation and it's followers and tell him to return my motherfucking phone calls that would be fuckin' tits. Godspeed you black emperors!


TheGrza said...

Oh, so we're playing with font sizes now? I saw that button too, but I didn't push it because I thought there was something unspoken here, but apparently I'm totally misreading the situation because DAN, motherfucking DAN, Motherfucking Dan, thinks that the unspoken rules don't apply to him. Maybe I'll remind you, motherfucking DAN, that the rest of us are fine with normal size fonts, we let our words do the standing out, in the metaphorical sense, not in the literal font based sense. People, we need some rules here, or else someone's going to publish something in wingdings and we're all going to look like assholes.

Elevenhippos said...

Grant I think that it is enough with you attempts to write constitutions. Nobody ever abides by the rules set forth because we have no standing army. So unless you have a paid military force ready to follow your commands you can stop with the fucking constitutions.

Anna Nym said...

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Without Grant's rules, we would be helplessly lost in a font war, unable to see the words for the size.