Giant Pile of Streaming Consciousness

We here, We now, sometimes We do these things and we don't even truly purely sometimes know why these things (that we would prefer not to classify) happen, but they do and We'll just let that happen so yeah, we should just deal with it and move on to the next post because this one, if you can't tell all ready, isn't going to have much substance because it is created by me not caring or thinking about it and I'm just gonna do it anyways you know. delete. delete. so now that that is out. Now that you all understand the method, We must ask ourselves, What is the mayhem to be? Well thats just it! hold on... ichat calls... Now again I will reiterate, I am doing this and you are reading it after, of course, the time in which it was written. You have traveled in time undocumented and unrestricted and now you are here. You are the reader, and you are reading weather you like to admit this or not it is true and we will understand this as a fact. This fact in particular will change the course of you day, It may make it unimaginably better or detrimentally worse... then again, you may just become slightly bored, confused, annoyed and/or impatient... It may not be the most amazing experience you have ever been a part of, but consider now how much of a different person you are now that you have read this... You of course, could have not read this and you would have been different, but in that case, chances are you would then also not be a Shitizen, thusly changing the course of your entire life to follow the moment in which you decided that you were to good for one man, one friend's ranting in the form of stream of consiousness blog postings. Are we better than this? Are we to be of such great standing in society that we cannot enjoy or adversly be in complete contempt of mindless bantering on a digital forum. I personally, think not, yet, we may be of such low callaber, and be in complete understanding of this, and in response, decide that something of this undeniable prolific and avant gaurde nature is beyond our level of understanding. Did I say prolific, I meant Pacific as in Ocean as in Nathanjennygrant. as in where the hell are you? Why do you leave me here with no 30 packs of Special Ex... Why does Milio's no longer supply me with sandwiches that contain all meats and cheeses available within the confines of the store? Why do we feel that we must stay within throwing distance of one another. Nate doesnt think that. Thats why he left. He's a blue collar guy you know. He looks out for A number Uno. Thats his deal, this shtick, niche, way o life, slice o pie, piece of the puzzle, dog in a muzzle, fuzzy wuzzy wuzzle.

no spell check - deal with it


madam tyrant said...

Congratulations Eric you have just won the T-Bone prize for mindfull babble. Good on you, kudos and whatnot. Oh and yor splling si impekable!

Anna Nym said...

I voted for the next American Idol. Calibrate that. (See, Grant. I am unafraid to be naked and bloated in a cesspool of pop. We all have to die someday.)

We could call this irrelevant, but that would demean the meaninglessness of the official post. Actually, 'official' is demeaning to the nonmeaning as well. Strike it.

Dr. Dan (The bondage man) said...

on behalf of nate, grant, and I, I would just like to say how dare you? You point these fingers from safe distances and place balme from your fucking tower. Why don't you stop throwing stones and pull your head out of your ass that lives in 2004. We are deep fuckin' people, but we're also neurotic, so we could never really right properly about our great intellectual breadth. Don't judge us please, we didn't ask for that shit and you know we can do better. Damn your expectations!! You're giving me blogger agnst.

Dr. Dan (The bondage man) said...

here, I wrote you a pretty poem about a wonderful kind of beer,

Oh green death, how many names you have
Oh green death, how many different ways you know how to spell disaster, Oh green death, how many different nights you gave us something to run from,
Oh green death, how many sloppy bike rides you have delivered us to,
Oh green death, how many times when we were pure you taught us how to sin,
Oh green death, how your tinny taste always leaves a smirk upon our face,
Oh green death, how you rob us of our splendor and of our grace,
Oh green death, how many backwards things we always do with you,
Oh green death, sometimes we called you special-x, but that never lived up to the stench of our breath,
Oh green death, how you always made us laugh, how you never made us cry,
Oh green death, how we always felt so tough when we rode our bikes at night,
Oh green death, how you turned us into crooks
Oh green death, how you made us turn our eyes from all those stupid books
Oh green death, how you turned us into patriots whenever there's a crowd,
Oh green death, how you make each and every one of us talk so fuckin' loud

we need to talk about the wedding invitations too.


Anna Nym said...

That's some poem, Dan. I think Ginsberg would have sucked your cock, and gladly.

TheGrza said...

A nice poem, with some pretty beer emeralds, and you have to take it to cocksucking, like always.

ETC said...

I judge no one... What tower... We lost the tower when you left Barton Heights.... that tower was ours and you toppled it Dan! You let our tower crumble! We were at the highest elevation in MPLS! We were the overlords! The city was beneath our feet, and you destroyed that. You stabbed us all in the back and left us for a house who's name proclaims inherent homo erotic debouchery... You left our castle... our kooshy confines of reign and terror for the dank hole of "dudedom" and sleeping on yer gf's futon! You beautiful sack of worthless Med school dropout!
screw 2004...

What is tina callibrating?

Anna Nym said...

Cocksucking, Grant, is a beautiful thing. Why do you always defile it with your negativity?
Calibrate: determining the caliber of a tube, i.e. Cocksucking. Or to compare against an existing standard, i.e. Competitive Cocksucking.
Like always.

Anna Nym said...

Sing on, Kellie Pickler!

Nasty Nate the Monster Mumbler said...

To all my friends, Cheers. To those of you who are not, I will have Dan kick the side mirrors off your car.

Nasty Nate the Monster Mumbler said...
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Anna Nym said...

Haha sucker. I've got no car!

But Dan can kick the mirrors off my bus.

(not that I'm not your friend, of course)