looking forward to the weakend...

So, yet again the weekend has destroyed any level of momentum/creative production on my part. All week long I have schedules, classes, meetings, and deadlines that have to be met. Most of these things I follow through on and all the while look forward to the weekend. There is so much time over a Saturday and Sunday where one could focus and put this time into quality constructive productivity, but somehow this is always destroyed by that same amount of freedom and lack of deadlines. Mid week I usually realize that the next few days will be fueled off of about four hours of sleep per night... Now, where this usually allows me to focus and pump out a lot of things, by the weekend this same bout of productivity renders me useless. Friday night is always some search of celebration, having made it through another week, where I fight the glorious fight against sleep and sloth. Come 5am saturday morning I realize that I must eventually allow my body it's deserved rest after its glorious and largely triumphant victory over the thing we call normal waking hours. None the less, it is this that truly renders my weekends useless. My Saturday will consist of opening my eyes maybe 13 times between the hours of 3 and 7pm where I will finally bolt from my futon (in couch position), ready to drearily seize what is left of the day. Saturday breakfast/brunch is some Pizza Luce and PBR tall-boys... part of your balanced breakfast. Then... Saturday is done... after a lot more of the same nothingness, and maybe another slice of pizza mid Sunday AM. Of course the next day is already here and some call it Sunday. Its not like it wasn't already Sunday before I went to bed, I've already experienced this. It no longer is the new day. It is no longer the new week because that happened at midnight on the evening prior, when I was playing Mickey's Magical Tetris. The new week is the rain dripping onto my window sill as far as me waking up is concerned.

I watched two movies before I got out of bed today, actually, no, I only watched one. I just went to sleep after the movie. I did have a pretty cool dream where the person I accompanied to the gas station stole like, 30 dollars of potato chips down his sweatpants while I paced up and down the isles pasting stickers over labels and advertisements, but that can only in the most extreme cases be considered a movie. No, it can't at all. I am sorry.

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