Yo Yo

Is this thing on?


Justice Rare said...

I can't hear my snare, where's my snare, yo bitch turn that shit up so I can feel the fuckin' bass rattling my brain. Fat bass line kid, I'm feeling that shit like a .38 to the chin bra'. Where all my fuckin' homies at, ah yeah, ain't nobody gonna roll up on the Shitizen nation and drop no ratatatat on these muthafucks. We strike first in this hard game of internet blog-a-tron, so watch your back in the club withch ya' girl on ya arm and all your diamond rings bitch. Cause me and my cornbread homies gonna go all out on your busted ass game, little dirty G gonna smash in your fuckin brain like a Russian gunner from 1942, ya'll niggaz best watch yourselves with this new muthafucka' up in this piece.

ETC said...


TheGrza said...

Smashed bread for all the homeless, that's what I usually say but not for you, I'm just kidding, I wouldn't say that about people who were down on their luck and sad, I just wouldn't, I'm not cruel although I must make the point that smashed bread is better than no bread, yes, you're right, let's move on, I just wanted to give you a roll from the bakery that I was saving for myself or a nice woman who passed with which I could be interested, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, partner, No, I'm not interested in you, you're confused and now you're angry and you're coming off slightly homophobic and a bit hypocritical, standing up for the homeless but not for the homos, I have to tell you, and I'm just complicating things with my insistence and name calling, although, I'm serious, we don't tolerate homophobia in this community, I bought everyone in the tenants association tickets to that film about homosexuality and afterward we all agreed that the f-word, no, faggot, yes, is just wrong to say to people, but I sometimes let slip because I am from a different generation and it has a different meaning to me and I'm sorry, I just wanted to give you a roll because I know you deserve it, yes, just from looking at you, but no, no, no, it's good prejudice, I prejudge you as hungry and nice and here, take it, I don't need it anymore, I'm sorry, I love you, I want to provide you with a roll, with no strings, no prejudice, just because I am not going to eat it.

Nice to see you around these parts, Triple Deke.