Cleaving Along

I was on my way downstairs for a smoke, and coming up the first flight of stairs was a girl with crispy curls and a couple bags of groceries. She was wearing this lime green halter top, and she was swerving back and forth on the stairs.

Because she was looking down into her own cleavage. She was so completely lost in her breasts that she was losing gross motor skills.

I actually had to say, "Excuse me." Then she looked up from her tits, said, "Oh," and got the fuck out of my way.

It was magnificent cleavage, the kind of cleavage that looks good on a Saturday night. Maybe she was realizing that it was Sunday afternoon, and there was simply too much tit for the Sabbath. Whatever the reason for her loss of abilities due to the pushed up nature of her own breasts, she should be better acquainted with her own bust by now. Surely, she's had it for the past five or six years, and it should come as no surprise.

They definitely should not be an impediment to walking.

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