Hey all, I just did a project w/ this guy... His name is Matt... and, he's just this guy you know. So, well we made his project into a newsprint publication or sorts... and I drew some letters for the cover... and now you can kind of see parts of it here.




ETC said...

Whoa.. so, I didn't see the actaul paper, but I was just told today that it was on the front page. Again, I haven't seen it, but yeah... crazy.

madam tyrant said...

Good job.

madam tyrant said...

No really...I'm serious. My praise looks so sarcastic in type. Whatever.

TheGrza said...

Good job, Eric, you Pinko commie scum, with your New York Times and your ArTreason.

I love you, in a completely homosexual America-hating context, with the passionate heat of a roasted fetus-log heated with American Flags.

I tried, I really did, just to be nice and give a thumbs up, just to congratulate you without being retarded. I nearly failed too, but then at end there, I pulled it out.

Anna Nym said...

Wow. You are a talented, and lucky, son of a wonderful woman.

dent burntrap said...

good man, good brother, great american