Some other new work...

The ROBOTlove 2yr anniversary postcard

45dnmf - 6' window banner!

Rock Posters...

This TPC poster caused a little controversy on modern-radio.com... (starts about half way down the page)



Anna Nym said...

So, ETC...how does it feel to finally become a true post-poster arteest specializing in extra n's?

Is it like being in a band?

Justice Rare said...

Who the fuck is playing this goddamn show, The Plastic Tapes, Kill the NNNNNNN, and Wookiefoot? If I can't read the poster then I can't hear the music, I'm sorry that's just the way I feel. My opinion is tremendeously important and holds much weight in the MPLS music/art community. I suggest you make a greater effort to ensure the name of the commodity being peddling is large and legible if you ever want to work in this town again. Keep your tripped out ideas to your bedroom you creeeeeeepy LITtlE aRRRRRTTTTsst, Y ou DOn' t wan to FU
CK wiTH ThiS. Oh, YE ah, Bring THe Noi se .