excerpts from a prior comment.

One bear-being won a billion bare beens made for been bag chairs
Not being embarrassed in the least, they were cherished for a week until the cat took a leak in the beeny baggy seat.
The bear was opposite of weak, enjoyed the havoc it could wreak, considers cats a bit meat, and wouldn't mind a little treat.

The bear being bears the blood in retribution as it should.


ETC said...

There is something happening! Watch your back. Guard your ears. Hold your tongue and keep your pants on. The end is nigh. A new beginning. A final frontier, or a first new now. Return of the Jedi. The empire Strikes back. Jason goes to Hell. Alien vs. Predator 2 the return of the King 2006.5 and a half.

So place your bets.

Tears will be shed or shod if you will or dont or do.
Brace your face and taste the mace
wear your silks and flowing lace

... how you doin girl... cause I just shit my pants.

for real.

dent burntrap said...

Hey baby you wanna see what i can do?..... see above