Let Us Go Whaling!!!

Wow, doesn't everything just seem great today. I don't even know why... its just... good. There's something in the air maybe... like humidity -- with a little extra awesome. I'm not sure what could make a day so great, but its happened. We must all bear witness of this day's shear greatness. My brain is being crushed by some all too positive aura. I've become so excited that my spinal fluid is running down my leg and forming a gross little puddle at my feet.

This is a harpoon w/ explosive tip! wink wink nudge nudge.



dent burntrap said...


Anna Nym said...

My money says it's not spinal fluid, rather something much more common.

I had a dog that used to dribble when she was excited. She's scamper across the linoleum, leaving little golden puddles of happiness behind her.

I, too, have been tickled to piss. More than once. I was always pissing myself as a child. I would be doing something so wonderful and exciting that I thought, surely, piss could wait a few more minutes. Sometimes it couldn't.

ETC said...

^ Adorable. ^

It is so friggin' hot out.


cold showers.

July is horrendous, and amazing.

let us go swimming.

Anna Nym said...

I'm up for swimming. Send me an email.

I took two showers today, both without a trace of hot water. Other than that, I slept through the heat and ate tuna sandwiches.

Anna Nym said...

Did you see the comment left for you under the video of an articulate insurgent?

From what I could tell, Arts Collections is not Ronan Jimson's blog. And I hate the google link.

I also hate Ronan Jimson. No real reason. Just do.

ETC said...

Do you think he gets paid to have those advertisements on his page?

I sleep a foot away from my fan, and have resorted to pouring water on myself in bed to stay cool. I can't sleep a solid night in my room, and I've never woke up with so much goo/slime in my eyes.