Chronorcodichotommy Gun

The Fantastic Integration of Reality with Whatever You Shall Please, or Getting Real W/ That Fake Shit

Be it true or yet to be

  • Possibilities exist like lasers cut diamonds

  • Why separate the practice, the product, the prophecy... it may not be profitable, and requires much patience.

    Be PROLIFIC! Its easy, but spawns form the symbiotic relationship of art and life... Necessary like regenerative cells. A lizard tail of inspiration -camouflage and cold blood. Yes, oh yes it is an incredible feat, but do not let the truth deter from this moment of potential.

    We hunger for inspiration

  • Apathy is narcotic
  • Chronic Lack Pain

  • Lack Care ss
  • Less


    That's quite inspirational. Truer word to live by have never been spoken. I think.

    madam tyrant said...

    Raw meat is yucky. On that note, just so everyone is aware, the fantabulous Derik Gustofsen is visiting on friday, so we are preparing for yet another meat and black label feast which you are of course invited to attend. Bring your suits, swimming may be on the itinerary. Hope to see you fuckers tomorrow!

    Justice Rare said...

    Plastic meat makes my crotch thump with joy. Whip me bite me spank me suck me cum all over my titis and tell me that you love me, oh plastic meat why does is it always have to end so.


    Rubber duckies make me cream myself they're plastic duck meat. I losin my mind right now so i'm gunna got sleep alot. Wish i could make it to the drunken revelries but gotta work under survailance tonight again.

    ETC said...

    Dude, those are WW2 army rations. Ya'll gotta chill out... or visit one of those chat room thingies. I'm sure there are plenty of 15-35 year old guys that would love to be your piece of plastic meat/rubber ducky/what have you.