Give him some time. Millions of years... This is who the dinosaurs have amounted to. Dead dinos to coal... Cole 2 . Cole too Diamonds. Cole is beautiful, sparkling, and of reptilian descendent.

Mystic Mother Fuckin' Knuckles is 23.
His cake is of delicious and of joyous detail.

Postponed Pope-ism. Is The Pope still Pope post Pope-in'?

Line Segment (point A to point B)
Sigil of Terror
Sonic The HedgeHog Title Screen
Illustrator Crash
Forever Rubberband
Mother GRZA, tracyvision.blogspot.com
Pixelated Vultures Make Skulls for Pulse Covers
Delicious Ouroboros


Anonymous said...

Your Titles

Title One: hate filled cyborgs within furry masses
Title Two: the furry kid
Title Three: the banjo within hate filled cyborgs
Title Four: hate filled kid
Title Five: the ranting banjo
Title Six: decimating masses
Title Seven: ranting cyborgs
Title Eight: furry decimating
Title Nine: decimating for masses
Title Ten: ranting and decimating

Anonymous said...

furry's there.... eat that cute title generator

Anonymous said...

i particularly like 1 and 3

Anonymous said...

As Tina once said...Eric arted me!

Here I am just lurking along, reading Grant's new post, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, hey! what the? that me!

On the one hand it's quite an honor. On the other, I'm not sure how I feel about the monsterous gaping maw. Just what has my demon spawn of a son been telling you about me that would lead to this characterization??

seriously, it's a privilege to be arted by Eric. I'll go back to lurking now...

ETC said...

The online presence is an avatar. Like gods taking human form among mortals. We are to them only how we choose to present ourselves... yet... our pixels are amorphous, and everchanging... subject to another's preception (and photoshop).

If I am to imagine, or render one with spikes and venom spewing from every pour... well... then... so it shall be, yet one should not take this in any sort of negetive light, and you especially... For you are the mother of the one known as The GRZA. I can only begin to fathom what kind magnificent beast could spawn such a rightous demon.

I am compelled question the true identity that lies hidden behind this Maxim2.jpg.

My rendition is merely the, tip of the iceberg, as they say... a momentary glimpse of the dragon that i am sure you truly are.

Anonymous said...

he IS a pretty righteous demon, I must agree. righteous...and hairy...

dragon, eh? suck up.

still, how much for me to commission one from you? naturally with a righteous demon at her side. seriously. email me, tracy.maurstad@gmail.com