Bedder Bled than Ded

Does anybody know what today is?

Here is a hint:
"A proper man loves a woman on three levels: as a dear child who is to be chided, perhaps even punished on account of her unreasonableness, and who is protected and taken care of because one loves her. Then as wife and as a loyal, understanding comrade who fights through life with one, who stands faithfully at one's side without hemming in or chaining the man and his spirit. And as a goddess whose feet one must kiss, who gives one strength through her feminine wisdom and childlike, pure sanctity that does not weaken in the hardest struggles and in the ideal hours gives one heavenly peace."


The Grza said...

First guess was Ladies Night.

But Dan is a trickster god, so you need to research and not listen to the lies that drip from his labias. I will be here to guide you, my children. The answer will be obscured by his magick, and the question, by his dedication.

You see, even he believes the crazy-eyed lie. Look to the dates, not on the calendar, but on in the Cradle of Civilization.

Look to the north star, Polaris, for he will guide you when you are lost, and far from the city lights.

It is not Daunte Culpepper's birthday, that is the 28th. This was posted on the 27th.

Ask yourself if that was his intent, to highlight Daunte's birthday, or to associate good womanly traits and the philosopher king who outlined them with every day of the year. The day is variable, the quote static, and the meaning flows like a river.

More to come, on this, the 2007 Dan VanScavenger Hunt.

ETC said...

International Holocaust Remembrance Day


(Auschwitz Day; commemoration day for the victims of the Holocaust and other genocide).

ETC said...

and, in Germany...

Commemoration Day for the Victims of National Socialism

The Grza said...

Well, everyone, please thank Eric for his strict world view, and narrowest possible interpretation of this the VanScavenger™ Rainbow™ Cinna-Stix™ Hunt™.

Regrettably, his answer was dreadfully wrong (and quite a downer! Sad face alert!)!!! Here at the newly sponsored Rainbow™ Food™izens™, we're proud to be looking for that weird sensibility that makes this one of our crazy new selections, Rain™Blogz™Foodz™!

So, remember, the right answers aren't always the ones we're looking for! Include crazy fonts! Run on sentences! Weird interludes!

Onto the Puzzle. The second clue is...

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