Done Brothers 01

To those of you who may not know... I have some artwork/drawings hanging in the Done Brothers coffee shop on Lake and Bryant (MPLS).

"It looks like a teenager's bedroom wall," says the barista who is working this evening. Which happens to be for the most part true, considering many of the things on display at one point over the last 5-10 years actually has/have/had/do/be/does decorate my room. Only, now they "decorate" a chain coffee shop. Chain coffee shops are sadly, not bedrooms... and certainly not teenager's bedrooms.

Alongside these drawings and relics of old, I have also posted "theshitizens" web address on the wall in hopes that the random internettin' coffee consumer will visit our quaint lil' blog and have the chance to delve a little deeper into fragments of life on display in South MPLS. I here now address the said consumer.

Hello and Welcome Dearest Done Brothers Patron,

I hope you are enjoying your beverage and/or pastry... let alone the internet... may God bless our beloved internet.

Now, in installments (over the duration of the show (approx. 1 month or so)) I would like to lead a tour around the elements looming slightly over your head, products of The Void and relentless obsession.

I would first like to introduce you to the fellow on your left... all the way left... my left, not yours. He's the adorable helmet-clad handicapped kid on the left, yes, that left. His name is The Grza. Yes, The Grza! He writes on this blog -- for real. And next to him is C Money (according to Blogger, AKA Chemo). I call him Chemo because one time he got real sick and died of cancer... which was actually really sweet... for me. He had to move out of his room in Castle Awesome because he got a brand new room all to himself, and probably another person, in the hospital. Subsequently, I got to move into the Castle Awesome's dungeon and kick it with some rats... and The Grza. Yes! The same one! I've never come to know weather or not he cares when I call him that. That, as in Chemo... some people are sensitive like that.

Anyway, so, yeah, that's those two. They live a few blocks from here, but that photo was probably taken miles from here... and years ago... which makes it like, millions of miles from here if you think about it. Also then, as you see them this very moment, millions of miles from here, they are absurdly drunk, incredibly so, right now.

Imagine with me now... The Grza's head leaves imprints when thrown into the wall, as do ashtrays.

More to come



Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

but can you make it look like a sad teenagers bedroom.

fuck it, i'm gonna go masturbate to the ghost.

Andrew said...
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krs10 said...

You know...honestly...all this time I thought cmoney was Colton. Really. I thought Dan and Tiffany made Colton his own little Blogger name so he could partake in our rancid discussions...in a detached sort of way... I never even thought of Cole. Sorry, Cole.

krs10 said...

Which reminds me, who the fuck is hollingsworth j. mctubbins? You people and your artsy, misleading, or vacant profiles, you think you're so cool!

Hollingsworth J. McTubbins said...

I am a Brother of Moses.

I am a twig warlock.

I am a quarter centenary stoned creator of worlds that happens to run in similar social circles as yourself.

I have never been a shitizen, though I would most likely have to set up camp on their side of the war.

Mister E. = Solved!

Dent Burntrap said...

you ever read the 2nd book of the Torah? the classic tale of a man and his ferocious street gang? yeah both Mctubbins and I played a key role in that rollicking adventure.