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So, I did a cover for this magazine deal here...
And they interviewed me... but they didn't like my answers, so I sent it to the Grza... He wrote some stuff, and then I mixed it with the stuff that I wrote, and then our words had a horrible child and it was thrown to the wolves. This is the interview, unedited by "The Man."

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Thank you. But can you please elaborate on #7 - are these things your hobbies, bands, interests, etc.?


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After re-reading your answers, we'd like more definite, more clear answers to all of your answers, not just the last one as I had asked for in a previous e-mail. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.



So I didn't really do what you asked, but mostly because it's really hard.  I've got some notes but I couldn't get good answers to a couple of them without having you there.  So here's what I got, hope it helps somehow."


Ball Point Hieroglyphics: A Practice of Impermanence.

1. How long have you been creating art?

Thats a good question. I'm still working on it. I can't answer.


I'm thinking Mr. T coloring books and Sesame St.
I always hated the weird guy/lady thing that lived in "The Museum" on Mr. Rogers. Those rosy cheeks and that horrible screeching voice just killed my child ears. This now also reminds me of a stuffed monkey I used to have. The mouth was made of red yarn... kind of sockmonkey-ish, but not nearly as endearing. It always seemed to be scowling. It never had a name because I hated it... no, it terrified me. I was terrified, and I would throw it out of my room.

2. You just graduated from MCAD in May; do you feel art school helped you out quite a bit?

Now, did going to art school mean I didn't drive a school bus part time for a local school district to make ends meet, and I didn't accidentally hit a child one day because he broke the first rule of bus safety and crossed in front of the bus? I would have been racked with guilt, my life in tatters, drenched in the blood of children, but instead I got a diploma.


How many times do we have to be told that were it for a more forgiving art academy, we wouldn't have had "The Hitler?" True?  I don't know.  All I know is that I would not have killed millions of Jews just because I didn't go to MCAD. That seems like an overreaction...

I was once told that my work could be seen as a liability to potential employers.

3. Is there certain mediums you like to work with more then others?

I like pen(s), marker(s), (masking) tape, digital camera(s), computers, coloring books, photocopies, graph paper, the mashed up genes of innocent animals and plants, high fives - straight up, screen printing, fractal choreography and good ole fashioned Gang Warfare.

and everything else that ever existed is absolutely horrible.

4. What kind of inspiration do you look to, when your creating art?

First, my ex-wife, that was a wake-up call. Second is of course, the Infinity, or "The Void" as some call it. A chaos of limitless abundance, this infinity devours pride and plagues the mind with relentless beauty.

5. What do you think of the art scene here in Minnesota    (Twin Cities)

The Future is Bleak. Storm clouds are swirling and corrupted decay is sinking in.  It won't be long before we're not able to feed our people without food subsidies because people have shoved all of our major grains into their gas tanks and provoked a wrathful apocalypse. It is said by very leading people that if we cannot eat, we cannot art, but this... this is not true, and frankly, the longer we're ignored and abandoned, the more we'll build our own. We will cultivate and nurture. We shall not dump this onto the sterilized hospital tile like an excised tumor, well crafted but unwanted and abandoned. This is our child Goddammit, and we will raise it to flourish within our splendid toxic paradise.

 6. What would be your best case scenario (full time artist, job etc…)

Drawing, Traveling, Creating, Expanding, Exploring, Experimenting, Battle axes, Pan Galactic Expedition(s), large swarthy women, a stomach bursting of stir-fry, and a sense that it'll all be over soon.

7. Any interesting facts about yourself you would like to share?

Try to match my gaze.  Really, just try.  See, you can't do it.  Because my eyes are steely poles.

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How to Make Skull Money:
Take a dollar bill, President side up... and simply draw a skull on his face. Works best with a fine-tip pen. Just follow the contours of the head... No prob. Multiple skulls are welcome. Proceed to distribute and tip with style.



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