New Year Now Then

The moment we entered now... 23 days ago in Mexico city via MPLS.

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Justice Rare said...

Problems Chim-Chim, is this not more than a little "outdated". Never mind the rousing games of hide-and-go seek that was no doubt inspired by the Latin American satire. Was it satire? I don't know, but from where I was standing it looked like a fucking joke. Have you ever noticed that evil spelled backwards is live? Shit you learn while watching the State of the Union. May God continue to bless this wholly, holy conglomeration of tremendous yet dangerous thinkers who continue to push the envelope of creativity and blend the ever increasing strategically placed barriers that infringe on our daily attempts to break out of consumer reports and antiquated notions of human nature. Fuck the empire, burn the ashes, live the mold, embody the motivational aspects of your enemy, your bootstraps will save you someday, goodnight, good-grief, and goodbye.