ContagAesthetics: Gradient Pandemic

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ETC said...

Roll that up in a panda and smoke it.

Bamboo zulled.

Think Sneaky Snake,
think unicorn/pegasus/immortal/snake/bonebeast/ETCETERADON signatures.

Think Pinnacle Pizza
(like Summit soothing friday somethings)

Pass the Blew Grasssss
OH YES/NO! DoooLan OH's!

THINK: Hermit crabz-GIANT ONES. (1's=real big) Living in Icerburgs. Global warming wreaking hell on homemade shell homes homie. Migrate towards the polls - save yerselves. Headz roll like Gore with sword - ecological salvation... These crabz are HUGE >MASSIVE< The Anti-Arctic attack the Antarctic w/ apathy (like me).
"No one cares about crabs yo."
"But they's so big. There's gotta be some environmental balance here... If they let the Floating Mountain Crabz Melt into their salty grave... I'm sure the Earth will Miss Behave."
"Depraved and Deprived. At least your alive. Leave it to Al. He's got the internet (aka big lazer gun fun)."


Wait til the flicks of the cosmic jellyfish bless yer comments with its shiny subtle bliss (also massive... like galaxy massive... think, tendrils of stars - eating planets like Vandekamps)