Poop the Japanese way


Anna Nym said...

I wish there had been happy song cats like that for our early days.

I got some fantastic Spam today, by the way, and there is one line in particular that represents the raw beauty of the surrealist poetry I received. And with luck, that resonating line was the last. I wish I could write like this.

"Explain yourself." bell "You made paper, pig deal porter pens and ink?"

Anonymous said...

A toilet with a roll bar, for off roading adventures that stop for no man, V is for victory, peace is for shitters...like U.S.

ETC said...

"No, But very yes." Discontent. "Our later seems wrong; BotaniCannibal eyes." Appendix A... so appropriate.

krs10 said...

Unchi-kun, BYEBYE!
Fairwell, my poopy friend. Farewell.