Graduation Party

12-16 pages due, rough draft, Thurs.
Test, units 11-12, Wed & Thurs.
Remember: BUY CAP AND GOWN, get
tickets for fam, Tues.
Meet Prof Hancher Friday, 315 Lind

He has a maroon hat.
One at a time.
Reloading. We beg.
Chelsea, Jack, the guy
who stutters.
Take chances
on gravity.
Can't hear
bones crack.
Over the popping
of guns.
of us.
Can't die today.
Can't die to


ETC said...

"Man, the last thing I wanna do is study for the final..."

(click, blam)

peace (piece) of mind

Dent Burntrap said...

(click, blam) *blop*

hears a piece of my mind...shhhhh!!!

ETC said...

Shhhhh as in...
Or is that opening a can of soda?...


because soda... well, soda is awesome. Classic if you will...

I hear the shooter wrote some sweet plays... i wanna see em. while I drink this here Coca-a-cola.
Cha Ching!!! (freeeadvertizemintz)


peace of mind.






The Grza said...

Was young Cho disturbed?
Dist-rub out your classmates, he figured. "I have taken life." He is a dramatic young man, he speaks like that. "I have ended their meaningless lives, but wait. Before I Die, I must make sure that I am Properly YouTubed. I will make several QUICKTIME files and mail them to NBC NEWS. There is an irony here, that as an English Major I APPRECIATE because they are in partnership with MICROSUCK and will have to convert them to .WMP to broadcast them on their INTERNET MEDIA PLAYER. They will never know the level of my EVIL!"

He wrote a script. Read it? It's great, but it's the one liners that get it going.

Pearls of Wisdom:
"You once worked for the government. As a janitor, at least."
"The Manner and Girth Frightens Her" (This is only a stage direction, but sometimes poetry comes in parentheses.)
"Sucks for you, you motherfucking McBeef."
"Eat this you giant tree-trunk piece of ass."

Sometimes geniuses need to mow down dozens of people with small caliber handguns and rifles just to get a write-up. We've all felt this pressure. The paradox of success, the visible breach of inevitable fame, if only the work could be tempered to the mass-market and the unbending genius of our own "Motherfucking McBeef".

Now he is heaven. It is right to give him thanks and praise.

Hold your breath, folks! Tops are turved! CNN told me that Cho was the most popular. I figured this was just revisionist history, but no, it was an unfortunate heading for the most watched video.

Is this a sick culture? Is it wrong to celebritize this young fellah? No. He is a martyr for his own fame. Instead of living in a fanciful world of art and craft, he happened upon significance and ran with it. Has a story ever made you cry? Or shot you point blank in the face? That's a wrecked, wre-wre-wrecked Virgina Tech.

So Hallelujahs all around. Another American down in the War on Obscurity. Cho is Dead, Long Live Cho.

ETC said...

Oh, like "hearing" a piece of your mind... blopping into something. Yes. Very.