No Test?

So, I get off the bus to day, anxious about a test I have to take. As I exit, the first thing I notice is the sound of helicopters. I look up and they're everywhere. Black and White police choppers flying low over campus.

Weird, I think, and I try to go to class.

Cops were everywhere, taping off all entrances to the Mall area. They were shouting things like "Everyone needs to evacuate in a swift but calm fashion." They didn't sound very calm, and as a result, students were not very calm.

But we weren't scared either. Well, some of us were. Most of us were confused or pissed off. Others were smiling that they didn't have to take tests they weren't prepared for. Some were bored.

It was a bizarre urban exodus. They only left a small path open for evacuations, so the sidewalk was congested with anxious students. Apparently, a professor found a note that stated specific halls and times for the explosions, and all of them would be before 10:00 tonight.

I guess we'll see.

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