Even though I walk though the valley of the shadow of death.

Its nearly that time again folks...
Me, Dent Burntrap, in approximately 1 months time, will be off to fulfill my destiny. Katahdin is calling, and I must listen. When Patio the trail demon first mentioned this call I shrugged him off. He said,"once this journey begins it will never end. Katahdin, Katahdin....You will be haunted eternally by its whisper... Katahdin... You cannot flee. No one can. I stand here before you as a living a living testament, you will never quench this thirst, you will never escape.... Katahdin...." Why did I ever doubt? Katahdin.... my mistress, my love, your call is heard and I shall obey, I must obey.

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Anna Nym said...

I am currently off doing a destiny deal on a houseboat in a small canal in Amsterdam. It's pretty cool. I've adopted a family of ducks who love spaghetti. They swim right up to the balcony and beg.

Friday morning I continue my journey on a flight to Glasgow, Scotland, then I drive to Edinburgh. From there, I fly to Dublin for two days, then Barcelona for four days, then Denmark for four or five days, and Norway for four or five days (depends on which country we want to spend the extra day in).

Then I'll be home. The Grza is picking me up from the airport, should I survive all these damn flights, on the 19th of June at 10:45 in the morning.

Exciting times.