Heavy are our thoughts of late. Dramatic issues persist in our everyday actions, thoughts, and dreams. Shattered realities perpetuate these notions. The greater g**d will pull us through. Hypertension gives way to night sweats and unbalanced rides home. Different shades of haze fill our lungs and our space. Our space. The matter which we cling to. The sound of our vibrations. The ingestion of your sentence. The magnitude of our reaction and the scope of our attitude will determine the ultimate demise of this space and the dependent structures surrounding it.
Rejection of social elements and structures is identified by several varying response structures. These means include but are not limited to economic exploitation, intellectual exploitation by means of theft, existential exploitation, and harbored resentment. Congruent and unequal practices have irritated the living shit out of the willful soul of the powerful forces that live in the imaginations and pretenses of millions g*d loving/fearing strangers. As we all pass through these beautiful toils let us not be blamed for the inequities of man. For as we bury the past as quickly we uncover the present we shall all surely hear the flames of justice and see the magnitude of our accomplishments, cast into bust. The trail of gold left will serve as a signal to the intruders and the gazers. And as the torches burn, fully illuminating the otherwise bleak sky, the gazers will surely be in wonder as to the source of this awesomeness. So immaculate will this force be.

Social bridges are built and burned as soon as their use has expired through this practice. The expansion. We must advance.

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