Meg White Sex Tape

Goddamn those snow crusted mountains and the pillars of smoke rising from them
We here in these concrete mazes can creep into your valleys and shadows and sneak
out by the break of day. When you come to our homes, to our streets, you stick out, you are obvious, and you are conspicuous . Now that our borders are becoming thinner, our cultures mating, we steal your style-boots, plad/flannel, tight jeans, mustaches, naked bibs, and exposed ribs-street dogs digging in your dumpsters . You have always had distaste for our manners, our thoughts, our pace-you are superior, you are the mascot and we are the maggots, you are our hero-but we don’t really like lifting shit for extended periods of time. The luddites amongst us grow fewer, ever engrossed by the complexities and ambiguities of modernity, post-modernity, and pre-post-modernity. This age of DE-enlightenment draws to end as we enter the corridor of post-disenfranchisement. The connections that pull us together put distance between our ancestors. Do we really respect our elders if they are afraid of the dark and double X's.
irresponsibly frail

You wanna wax intellectual about the end of this civilized age; we will all be fucked, fucked from the bottom up
When there are really no rules the mountains will come alive and wait for you, wait for you and your dumbass friends to come seeking refuge and safety
They will be there to cast you out, back to your shuffle, from which you came

Remember that you are scum-and to scum you shall return

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