Owe the world!

Hey world!  I'll owe you!
No, it's okay!
I checked in the jar and there was some left, totally,
I didn't take the last one!
Hey world!  Give me a call sometime,
I'll totally hit you back!

Do you know what I stole?
Ha!  An everything.
I stole just one everything.
It wasn't the last everything, or the only everything,
But, I got an everything and it's all mine.

World? World, you thought I was honest and noble?
You thought I was looking out for you!
But I'm really a thief!
A liar and a thief and I'll rob you blind when I get the chance,
And I'll cut your throat if you tell anyone!
Shut up world!

I'll owe you!
Owe you everything I've got!

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Anonymous said...

you can only surrender if you survive