Grant said...

I mean, I think I get it. I can read the tags. But why Dr. Wily? Isn't he from Mega Man? Am I pronouncing it right, like the adjective? Or Willie? And Dr.? Doctor or Drrrr? Drrrwaily, I don't know if that's a word.

A rebus, right? Rebus. I just looked it up, that's right, I think. Internet Poetry Equals Fuck Dr. Wily. Internet Poetry Equality Foctor Filly. Atom Poetry Hands Equality to Flower Doctor Laugh (cackle? Dr. Cackle? Drackle? Drakel. Kakel. Cake.)

--- said...

My Internet poem = Eff doktor while-E. you are very on the right trails... It was in a bout of passion that this moment left my brain and was given away for all to contemplate.