A Rebal Theory

I have a mess of nodes and beyond them are nodes that I don't have to worry about.
Inside those nodes is a fluidity and a motion of hands. A poetics of nodes and of the connective tissue between the nodes and of the hands, too.
This is all only preparation; in order to be understood, we need to view it in light of a letter, an unvoiced letter, an efff, F perhaps, something we can attach easily to the dear Doctor. We are not facing just a regular madman in a regular war my friends, Oh, O my friends, there are no friends. O my enemies! There is an enemy, and his name is Dr. Wily. Tonight, we will see our nodes, because we will become a connective tissue, and our fluidity will splash!

--Mega Man, moments before the glorious charge into the fog, where he was lost forever, presumed ascended into the clouds, to return another day, and we will be truly prepared and welcome him properly.

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I concur!

The best poem by Megaman that I've read in 4 days!

Because I'm lazy.