Grant and I On Walls & Bird People

Set of particles.

Nothing. Particulating.

Great. Thats great. Real great.

So vague it's meaningless. I'm supposed to be working. Writing. And reading. But I'm sitting. and typing this thing about feudalism. It started with a lot of steam, but that's gone now and I don't like it anymore.

The steam really makes it. Like expresso

...or engines.

Yup. Zoom.

What are you up to?

I am sitting on my computer. Kind of working - submitting images to some art thing... where there are winners and losers... and very critical people judging your every move / submission wise. I am looking at my resume. Very fancy. Later, I will help build a wall very close to your home.

What! Oh. I though you were going to wall me in. My greatest nightmare.

Does that scare you? Walls? I realized that bird people kind of creep me out.

No, being walled into my house. I would have to jump off the balcony and only if there wasn't a SECOND wall further out. Then I would have to jump into the trees, and then over the wall, but that doesn't consider a third, and more and more walls...I guess it's the infinite number of the walls that is perhaps most terrifying.

Not people who are really into birds - or just have like, say, a beak nose, but people with maybe feathers or wings... or maybe that villain in Darkwing Duck that is part plant too!


No. wings are cool.

Are they part plant?

Bird faces are gross. not so much Horace, but more ... the bird lady from kids in the hall. Ick. I think darkwing duck kinda creeps me out a little bit.

Who is Horace? The Roman guy?


Oh. Minerva? Oh. What about Darkwing Duck bothers you?

Maybe the weird duck face... and the bird voice thing.

But wasn't he actually a duck? Wasn't he supposed to be like Donald Duck or something? or his cousin?

Yeah. or... i dunno.

Your fears are melting away. Hes not so bad. more duck that man. The plant duck man though... hes got a shorter beak... thats gross.

I don't remember him. I'm sorry. I think his name was plantsworth or something... a real smartass

Bushroot. This one is gross too

Oh sick... and this one

Yeah... those two in the middle. Yikes.

I feel like you getting walled into my house

Does it bother you if parts of people are birds themselves, or only if people have bird parts?

The hands are pretty good. I like them. They are kind of creep.

Gotta go wall you in! Gook luck in there!

Good luck fucker. You might just wall me out and prevent my ever being walled and liberate me from my fears.

Maybe your right. Tweet!


Anna Nym said...

How did you forget about Ladyhawke?


E-- said...

I'm looking for the Ladyhawke but nothing I'm seeing is creeping me out. looks like girls with birds... and some girls that like to call themselves ladyhawke on the internet. Not hawks though... just ladys... which normally don't creep me out... or well... can as much as humans in general do... but that requires specific circumstance... like watching someone chop off their own hand or other strange and potentially less drastic actions. If this Ladyhawke was half lady half hawk... in the pictures... as previously demonstrated in this post... and she was then, on top of that, gazing at me from across a bar or burger king lets say... while maybe twitching all birdlike and eating the little hair she had left.... I mean.... YIKES!