I don't know if it's your tone, because your tone is terrible, all upwards like a boat skidding off the tops of waves, but so repetitive and only crashes that are internal to me. But I do know the word 'as', as you put it, the word 'as' is unpleasant. Not all words 'as', as in things alike, but 'as', as in when or while. When you use this word, the bouncing tone runs like a motorcycle instead, and the water that smooths on the bottom of your boat, your tongue, sinks and spreads greases and oil across. You are revving tires in the water, and cleaning your tires at our expense! And sinking too slowly for me, this is thickened water, salty and getting saltier. An image of a car, a backseat, no seatbelts and 'as', and 'as', 'as' you sit and heen en waar, your body plunges over the passengers, facing the windows and the floor and getting grit from unvaccumed carpets in your teeth. Will someone not have been to the beach, you ask, but it is not beach-grit, it is winter now and it is ice-grit giving you scratches and red rashes. His laughter, 'as' you move inside the cabin is not intentional, he has lost his mind because he is sick and abnormal. As abnormal as your speech patterns? We cannot decide because they are in different categories. [What makes a fuselage different from a cabin, by my determination, is that a fuselage is in an airplane and it is separated from the element of the vehicle where the operate sits. Supposing the latter is the primary distinction, we would have to have fuselages, not perhaps of cabs, because they are ostensibly the same cars that have only cabins, but modified to have a distinction that doesn't rise to definition, we are still faced with the limosine, a structurally unique piece that has a necessary and existential division of the vehicle into at least two sections, and a disturbingly airplane-like shape. Supposing it is the first, we are faced with the terrifying suggestion that planes are arbitrarily segregated and elevated from the rest of the vehicular mob, thus creating an epistemic wall that will forever prevent the cultural acceptance of transvehicles, or vehicular hybridity (The Flying Car for instance, a necessity for future fictions of the past 100 years, remains mysteriously an impossible occurance. Even this week a hybrid vehicle was proposed that has the grotesque description of a "roadable aircraft" in order to circumvent the essentializing distinctions propogated by a now-alien mentality of the 'magic' and distinct nature of flight!).]

Now the hallways is silent except for the man in the office door beside me, who comes out and drinks from the water fountain. There is a part, inside the fountain, that regulates the pressure of the spout, (this part on the Oasis Model in question is called the Oasis and Sunroc Cartridge/Regulator. While Sunroc is a water fountain manufacturer in its own right, there is no literature that I can find that parses this strange construction and provides a hint to whether this is the [brand: Oasis] and [brand:Sunroc] [name:Cartridge/Regulator] which seems unlikely because it would conflate the two brands, though by using the same part the theory is lent some creedence or the [brand:Oasis] [name:Cartidge] and the [brand:Sunroc] [name:Regulator], which would make the part, like many of the atomised objects that create industrial reality, a distinction without a difference, an object so simple but so fiercely coveted that its name must be doubled in order that each corporation can have some hold on its higher form [the Platonism of 'brand identity'] or perhaps, and this is where my knowledge of drinking fountain systems breaks down, the object for sale is not one object but two. Here we lack the distinct naming conventions of each brand, but perhaps have a multibrand coupling of objects, the Cartidge and the Regulator, which are so intertwined in their function within the machine that they are simply packaged together in one object.) is set too high, (premliminary measurements: height is sixteen centimeters, radius is ten point five cm, focal point is one point seven two centimeters. Nearly 40 centimeters of water are in the air at any given moment, with an airspeed of over six kilometers per hour.) and it is splashing on me.


Butterfly said...

If life has taught me anything, it's to always check my comments about wangs for typos.

M.K. 2 said...

The prior comment has nothing to do with blog post - "As." Assuming that you read blog post - "As" and remember some of the topics touched on within... I do not suggest you try to make any associations between the prior comment and the information you have recently consumed in reading the content of blog post - "As". In the case that you did not read blog post - "As" I imagine that due to the prior comment you considered it possible that the paragraphs responsible for this comment section made reference (and potentially typos) in regards to subjet - wangs. In this case you would be wrong.