Chonosuke Okamura's Theory of Minimen, and of Protominimen

Darwinism must have been opposed strongly by the church and other soon after the publication of the theory. Nevertheless we have nowadays deep impressions without our private opinions taking the present world of thought by storm. At this time, the discovery of groups of the Nagaiwa minvertebratae of the author shows clearly Darwin's error quite completely. All vertebratae grow and metamorphosed from the special ovipara during the Cambrian and Ordovician periods into the adult body of the Silurian period and they that only growth of the body was left in the original forms, up to the present over a span of four hundred million years.

Observing this by body of mankind, which had grown the four limbs via the period of a man head with a dragon type bodies. There has grown a semispherical, spherical and long head according to the growth of the cerebral cortex and the four limbs had grown to be erect standing and able to walk on two feet. And so it was that mankind has developed to the complete Silurian adult with a civilization using the characteristic eyes and fingers. After that mankind had no further metamorphoses and only growth until the Recent mankind. The metamorphoses till the Silurian period were totally the same as that of the Recent embryo in the mother bodies for 280 days. This metamorphosis does not fit into the Darwinian theory.

The author has discovered more than 93 species of the Nagaiwa minivertebratae, all of which had the same corresponding species ion the extinct or Recent period and there were no new species, that is, there was no big evolution, nor metamorphosis over very long times in vertebratae bodies.

The Nagaiwa limestone contained Archaeocyathas, Orthoceras, Graptolites, Halysites and Favosites etc. with the minivertebratae, so that it must be confused that it was of the Cambrian to the Silurian periods. However, this is said to be of the upper Carboniferous age according to present geology, because it belongs to the upheaval of the geosyncline of the Japanese insular arc having Fusilina. That is, the nagaiwa district was one spot having lower and upper Paleozoic fossils in different existing at different times over a period of one hundred million years, and having no difference as far as the layers were concerned. Also the former had chiefly the land animals and the latter the aquatic.

Under such difficult circumstances the author has thus related the story of the Nagaiwa mountain and its connection with the Angara continent, at its eastern end to bring both forms to life.

In this way, the minivertebratae including the minimankind born in the old Nagaiwa district progressed westward, entered the continent and became distributed gradually all over the world, but leaving behind a part of them at the bottom of the sea of the Nagaiwa district, where long after them the geosyncline of the Honshu insular arc, possessing Fusulina was raised up. The sea bottom minivertebratae had fossilized and became elevated again, but mixed with Fusulina to become the Nagaiwa fossilized minivertebratae of the present time.

The Recent mankind theory states that the so-called races became such, as distinct units of life. However, all mankind belongs to only one species and these so-called racial forms have existed already in the period of miniman and protominiman. Therefore, it is not right, to take these various forms to be a change according to certain circumstances. They must be said rather to be a result of the survival of the fittest.

The intelligence of the minimen has become known that there was a limit to their intellectural and other faculties and that they had a religious sentiment, which is proven by the many idols they manufactured. Only mankind had a development of the cerebrum and the other animals did not. What is behind this phenomenon? The matter is wrapped up in mystery and after all we must affirm the existence of a god or creator. That the beginning of the history of mankind during four hundred million years can be seen in the religious products of miniman makes us feel the influence of religion more firmly than ever before.

Here the author decided to change the name of the Nagaiwa miniman and named it "Angara ancestor" for convenience of the following scientific and religious studies which are to follow.

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