Pickles, Olives, Penicillin

Unless in expert hands, it is unadvisable to use against a staff or a stick since disarming is often only a matter of striking at the link and jerking it hard out of the hands of the practitioner

Possession is illegal in a number of countries including Belgium, Germany, Norway, Canada[15], and Spain. In the United Kingdom it is legal to own for martial arts purposes, although public possession is not allowed unless transporting between a place of training and a private address. Legality in the United States varies at state level, e.g., personal possession is illegal in New York, Arizona, California and Massachusetts, but in other states possession has not been criminalized. Legality in Australia is also determined by individual state laws. In New South Wales, the weapon is on the restricted weapons list, and thus can only be owned with a permit. In New York, attorney Jim Maloney has brought a federal constitutional challenge to the statutes that criminalize simple in-home possession for peaceful use in martial-arts practice or legal home defense.[16] As of March 2009, the case was awaiting the filing of a petition for certiorari for review by the U.S. Supreme Court, and was the subject of several legal blogs, including the Volokh Conspiracy.[17]

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