Hey. Fuck you. I'm with the Moon


Hey, fuck you. I'm with the Moon. You think you know craters? We know craters, me and the moon. We make craters. Of you, in your hometown. Fucking with the moon, you can't fuck with the moon! We're, that is me and the moon, we're frozen forever. Immutable.


The moon is just the good part of the earth that took a chance and escaped. Can't fuck with that, can't fuck with the moon. Moon looking down, God's empty craterous eyeball. You got a big eyeball, like me and the moon? You're jealous, our perspectives is infinite. My god has unlivable eyeballs and they get seared by the sun so hot and cooled by the cold so cold. It's the moon, sucker. The Moon.


Moon future. In the future, we might go to the moon and set up a base, but no, big fucking hole where you bombed us. Not that there isn't other room, but you can't come on our moon, so unfriendly. Greatest thing you ever did, come to me and my moon. Just my moon. No more.


Moons only, that means me and the moon. No suckers, no mad bombers, me and the moon and moon water and moon food and moon ice cream. Alone in a rusty can on West Moon, nobody, nobody can visit me but I walk outside, I visit myself and the moon visits back. Visit back moon, visit me back, I visit you and bring gifts of stuff, you bring gifts of yourself, the moon.


It's indecent is what it is, fucking with the moon. It's not proper, not ever. Think about it, who ever thought to fuck with the moon? Not fucking with moons is primary to all good behavior, because the moon is your tether, the weight holding down your field of vision. You can walk for a long way, and sit up and wonder if you're still attached to the earth that bore you, doesn't matter if there's a moon. The moon sucks you outside the atmosphere, look it was inevitable, it happened, inevitably. That's powerful. That's unfuckable.


I don't need to stay here, I have dreams that the moon gave me, not earth, not even just space, because the moon gave me space too. My dreams occupy vast tracts of moonland, climbing moonhills and being without oxygen for the first time. Can't dream that on earth: no moonhill, too much oxygen. In the future, there will only be moons. And there will only be moon people. So get right, stop fucking with the moon.


Moon is best. Moon loves and I love the moon. Moon in night and future, Moon forever. Moon backwards. Moon, black and sandy. Hot and white.

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