What wil you do when you find this secret army?... Something bad. Is that all the music? I don't want to hear this stuff...

This report just in from Fresno,
California. Naval sonar specialists
who were flown to the site...

You won't think I'm crazy next month.
People are going to start dying. At
first the papers will say it's some
weird fever, some virus. Then they'll
begin to catch on. They'll get it.

Just a joke.

"And the wild beasts of the islands
shall cry in their desolate houses and
dragons in their pleasant palaces: and
her time is near to come, and her days
shall not be prolonged."

When I was a kid I identified with that
kid, down there alone in that pipe...a
hundred feet down -- doesn't know if
they're going to save him.

Listen, you dumb fuck! The thing mutates
We live underground! The world belongs
to the fucking dogs and cats. We're
like moles or worms. All we want to do
is study the original...

Meanwhile in Fresno, where mining
engineers continue their desperate
attempt to sink a shaft parallel to the
ant in which nine year old...

-- an hour ago have been unable to
determine the location of the boy in the
150 foot shaft...but a TV sound man who
lowered an ultra-sensitive microphone into
the narrow tube claims he heard breathing
sounds coming from approximately seventy
feet down...

The boy was playing ball with four
other children when he literally
disappeared off the face of the earth.

Nevermind. It's not real -- it's a
hoax. A prank. He's hiding in a barn.
Hey, turn left here. Left!

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