1. I'm trying to build up a few bulwarks, to round out the edges and then they will spill into the middle part in the last half of the month. Maybe connect them so a bunch of bullshit is not splashed together. Bulwarks, see? Bulwarks, I don't know if that's the right word, but it's how I think about it.
3. Like a chunk of things, some kind of wall or rampart — Little fighting islands with lots of little men surround the big flat spaces with few men whose weak weapons cannot get into the little fighting islands, and so when it sends out lots of little men, they might win or be victorious.
2. I want to corral off the space into which I can pour a bunch of these men.
1. Put the ramparts almost close, on an island. Little shells. With angles as turtles, maybe, with holes for the lots of little men.
3. Where is the first level? Does it have turrets? Or is it a translation of these, through a computer, scanned but not very accurate, reproduced with very thin things and strong metals painted flat in a way. These metals, the ones in this scenario, these are not reflective though maybe yours might be. These metals are not but that's not crucial to the operation of ramparts.
2. Yes, sure, yes.
1. It's possible that these might be more effective if they are located properly relative to the sun so that the sun might reflect off the reflective metal, but mine, these metals, mine are again not placed in these type of spots.
2. However, these reflections would be of no use during the night when these ramparts and turrets might need to operate. You cannot rely on the sun, or if you rely on it, you can only rely on it during the day, or only during a not cloudy type of day.
1. I feel manipulated.
3. I'm sorry.
2. I feel manipulated into arguing for your shiny or reflective bulwarks.
1. I'm sorry.
2. It wouldn't hurt you in the night or cloudy days to have a reflective form, you know. Reflective of clouds maybe is like camouflage against the sky, but even if it isn't, on those days when it is very very helpful, perhaps these days are the days when you make the decisive move.
3. You are thinking like: "Ow! My eyes are being reflected the sun!" then lots of little men everywhere.
2. You have made a compelling argument very much against your will for the inclusion of shiny pieces. But this makes me curious. What is the reason for yours dullness, is it an absorbing finish?
1. I don't know. I don't think so. It doesn't really have many advantages, but it just isn't shiny.
3. Possibly stealth? To avoid the glimmering of destination while your enemies peer into the horizontal edge? A camouflage of non-luminescence?
2. This is possible but they are boxy things, not very naturally shaped. They are also not mobile. I can build up new ones, of course, in different places and change where supposedly the horizontal edge is.
1. Remember, these will outline the field and where the edge is is the important part of the bulwark itself. The old bulwarks will then no longer be bulwarks but sort of shitty hills.
3. I can get behind that.

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