A Furniture

A furniture stands for, pressing into space; It is so relaxed! I am pressing but with energy!
The furniture is not bothered that it will fall apart into wood and others.
Maybe it is bothered! Maybe I have overestimated you furniture, maybe you are merely made to look relaxed!
Bent in a relaxed way!
Maybe, to be enemies with your outsides, to be only insides, as furniture is reputed to be, this is a type of relaxation, but not of death.
From the bottom of my furniture, the moves wasted fall within the building and the floor.
Frustration, inside all my furniture, how can you sit on yours?
On the edge, I am a boundary while you are in bondage, a thick sack of matter tied at every point to itself. I'm crying, for you.
Why don't you have skin on the inside! Going to cut open your skeleton and put it all in for you.

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