"Front part, put it in the front part
Not in the net part
Grand ego-karaoke of the soul.
Sperm whale, mortal jelly monorail
You still killed my style
Grand fucking karaoke of the whole."
rhyme schemes and to rap
battles. No names please, this is im personal hyper-space.

fuck old men. everyone is an old man.
some of the old men are adults too.

it was in order to make a raw material that we talked uncomfortably about our transparencies. i did it on dire reasons.

I/F \\ studied \\

talk about organic language. no really, talk about it.
I already brought up amoebas.
through your organic mouth, organic language.
no pesticides, and/or fingers.
so, full of worms and insects,
Nobody has flaws here,
im you im actually you
:|not anymore.
Because I had the flaws
and your parts, flopping
Because-—can spell.
the same color text-racial
organic language, why would you talk about it. I am feeling very uncomfortable about all of this then go back why would you build about building a building. shut up.great the new law says that we have to write, I think I can still dance about dancing, don't do a dance. Write until, and because it stops.

A right a law. A lore written, parts flopping
because all the other laws then got put into the box..
written, because all the other laws then got put into the box..

, in the box,
pajajajalja are written. schizoid. I hope we say it is finished? /so oldman, call the thing done./ never be the last to cop out
, in the box.

  • oh the fuck
Lyric: Never wrote a word i wrote all over you, ah, ah,
I've been sliding, we'll deal with the old man.
where did kpunk lol, back and forth k, i'm an old man.
the peacocks go, to live with the old man. (cue ukelele)
the peacocks go, to live with the old man.
With them, we can invent paint. shut up.great.
forever. i showed up for civilization's sake.
this is how, men, this is so. [men, this is so]
complete transparency around here somewhere.
as in asia, so everywhere else
Everybody all paraparadise.
the peacocks go, to live with the old man. [men]
Chorus:17:36 civilization's rice wine. 酒 (repeat x9)
ornamental language must be how the first law was. I recognize you, you must be how the first law was.

this is how laws are written.
this is how plagairists turn into cannibals.
this is how the first amoebas made love.

  • *touch*
  • untouchable

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