Hypothetical manifesto against "Becoming"

The most unreal state of things, a supposed, unseen, state of becoming.
Assumed from difference between been and is, projecting will be, and will have been.
Instead of becoming, an invisible unbroken line, shaped like a snake in a rabbit's warren
the other image is of a frame of film, and also, an earthquake.
In this state, there is a punctuated break between any given state
and the next state, in the next state, things existing differently.

The habit of things to fail to persist while at the same time
not undergoing any becoming is the fuel for an unease,
an unease leading to composed description, telling the thing that is immune to punctuation,
the growing unease that a thing is in its way throughout its change
grows from the story about invisible movement or movement too-quick-to-the-eye
and supposed, leading to composed description, provoked unease,
the weight of the unease provoking its own name.

Compelled, the telling, ignores the lines inbound across the surface of the frame,
where the frame is compulsing, drifting in distance with supposed weight.

Dogs run through the camp, where the starved bodies laid together in a line.
They play and leap, and begin to eat at the soft flesh around the mouth, the stomach, the genitals.