"Can we see his head and the open wounds, like we saw Saddam's?" moaned the mass of people convulsing with new news. "Can we all stand in the light of a corpse?" they whimpered, the cadaver-worshiping pagans.
‎"A dead body!" went up the shrieks, about a body they'd forgotten, now that it's dead, surfaced dormant hatred. "A dead body," went up the shrieks, "Beat it, shoot it!"
‎"Oohoo! Does the body still bleed?" squealed the mass of people, licking their teeth, "Can you make the body bleed for me? Shake the body! Shake loose some blood, for me!"

‎"What happened to his cock, did they burn it, and stuff it in his mouth, and make it waggle like a tongue?" asked the news anchor.
‎"I hope they burned it, his cock, before they shoved it in his mouth." said a man, who was breaking out in occasional giggle fits, while watching the television.

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