Gonjiam Proper Ominous Tree on the way to the haunted asylum Walk up spooky path Climbing the walls! So scary They've welded the bed springs over the doors Sunset in the mad kingdom Graffito scratched in the cement with fingernails perhaps This hall is full of potential ghosts

Here's a video of me going into the kitchen: The mud-covered kitchen Graffito Turn off the fucking light screamed the ghost One object been put on the wall, to compensate, for the other object being removed Passageway for ghost's food EAT EAT EAT WITH US they scream Dangling spooky cord, probably plugs into hell ghostly scattered dishes Some metal bits Tina behind a welded-on bed How to leave a haunted asylum, through the graveyard


Anonymous said...

im scared but only because buildings are supposed to have real things in them not ghosts or dead graffiti if they were realler they'd be more scary like in the alleys of jarf one slowly opens a mouth so wide that all the ghosts follow out one by three they make everything paler

Me said...

"This hall is full of potential ghosts" -- just when you thought ghost-hunting couldn't sink any lower.

Hey, it's also full of potential Frankensteins.

그랜트 said...

thank you for explaining the joke, you idiot