Grant don't listen to Dan. Anyway we figured out an arrangement for you. We will be sharing joint custody with Eric, that is until we get sick of you, because we decided that you are supposed to be taken care of, and shouldn't be expected to have a job. So we get you during the week and Eric gets you on weekends. This schedule was made at the aforementioned shindig under the influence so it may not be flawless but its final. Anyway I'm happy that you are coming home, I don't like the shitizens being all split up, it throws off our natural gravity, but I can't believe that you didn't call and tell us you little fucker, I had to find out from Eric. Maybe you knew that I would be so excited that you would have second thoughts and stay just to perpetuate my misery. Maybe you forgot. Either way I'm totally smacking you next time I see you, and you will like it you sick fuck. Kiss Kiss! Tiffany

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