Fuck you, 2007

So I had to go back to the hospital because my lower intestine FREAKED the fuck out a week after my surgery. The night it happened I couldn't get out of bed to pee because as soon as my bladder would fill a little bit I'd die die die. And so I had to piss in a metal bowl, with a leak in it, so then I had a potty bed. They want to give me a colonoscopy. I told them to get bent.

Without going into detail, this has been one rough year so far.


Anna Nym said...

I was worried that the dump rope was a sign of poor health. Did it have any connection to your medical ordeals?

krs10 said...

Don't think so. I think that was an isolated incident - a product of delicious mexican food and two nights of margaritas. I do however sometimes worry about my body's ability to properly regulate its natural flora, among other things. My biggest concerns are still not of the medical variety, but all the physical pain I've been in this year (and some of last year) doesn't help my stress level.