An attempt to think through a computer glitch, with friends

itThe Top of the document
The Top of the Pops
Top T
Top of the Document hey hello BREAD 
LOOK OVER HERE AND TYPE why am i here? because we want this cunt to explode, whos got geligniteigneous statements
 i missed you document
David Bowie plants a bomb in your life and this document
let david bowie and his bomb into your lifepants
oh document. Don't ever leet's figverht it out about norwaegain.leave'tsfigur
It's to do with my korean forks, they say. porks porkuh
(be warned, newcomer: I need to link up right now now now am arbitrarily naming people as they enter the room, largely after everyday objects.)I let you down Wario
who is oksadlyI am trying to type with you. It is hard to understand who may be looking at any moment.No more sadness about being alone wit prostitute. Any of us could id ourselves, or remain unnamed in police carhow are you in police car? You may know me,                                     bibilcally in a police car. Although it is known that no you can't do that anymore, I'm here, more likely that I am just a fucking policemanI can also just name you and then you're stuck Do it. I need a baton.
Now you're getting it.
Hah. It turns out everyone else is typing at the bottom, and I'm all alone up here. For the next person, the action seem to be down below.
I am joined at the face to your foot, lover of mine. Hi hey hello
fucking cunt poetry. stalking my language ok Seminal vagina rhymes.
I recommend "shunt", it rhymes. except "shunt" motorhome is a fucking shit word, it doesn't have any fucking blood in it
I actually used shunt                                                                                                                                 in a sentence earlier today
though I agree it's not passionate as words go
who the fuck cares about poetry that rhymes. not me.
                                                              reading about the caliphate                                ———I———————————————————     ————————————————— the things we wish we had. a caliphate, here, would be
                                                              in this thing
                                                              on the internet, finding a youtube of a spam eating contest this is dominated by men
Unsurprising, really
no women want to sink that low.
                           is it a 
                                                                                                                      I wonder if  in America                              
                                                     maybe the definition has changed too much.                                           
                                                      yahoo videos from years ago with 10 views                                                                                                                                        
                                                           shouting into the void basically                                                                                                
to actually label himself as "professional-American"professionally american is poetry enough.H"Anal eye Cunt" was a really awful band.interpret deez nutsanal cunt is no, not awful, just stupid as fuck. I miss when things were that stupid. Not in a "what a politically correct world" way, that they could make awful songs about "the gayest guy on earth", but it doesn't even occur to anybody to be that stupid.
its cool that once you started typing you have to commit to that shit
I had second thoughts about it but i cant back out of it. it has a hold of me like nothing i've ever experienced before..hey this shit is cool!!
i wish i could be a poet but im a bad person instead
many poets were people HOLY COW THE PAGE IS MOVING jonguuuuuuuuuuuuuhThat's just the acid kicking in.
at least, within their social contexts. im like overarchingly bad tho that shouldn't affect your ability to write poetry, and may well contribute to experiences that make good poetry.
"i endorse this nation, these things. cool" ~ a mong hoonhooning
I AM NOW                     STICK     i am pro-hoon
Actually, that was the name of a rather obscure comic book character I've always admired
So I will totally take that one.
"Stick" is one of the SensesYeah mostly I agree
UGH MARVEL, but I was young and stupid.
seek patterns in the text
It's just like the internet. Everyone talking at once, and no way to reasonably make out whether oksadlyany given thing is stupid or stimulating. We arrange ourselves in different ways to make who are you ourselves heard, I hit space, I hit return, I hit bold, but it's all just noise, unless
I'm just some stick on the interhammer. How should I interpret the existence of bandCYBERFUCKING CYBERSEXhell isnt a good place for that i think
I see no evidence that you exist either RGR ugh i didnt read that cunt.
you seem to just be a string of insults
You fail the turing tet so far.
 someone bothers to interpret.aiight word i have a storyIn that case, "fucking cunt"
What possesses a man  then
rgr is the coda to everything, everyone
 its about the internetI'm ROCKING G REAL I'm Rocking G Real I'm rockinggreal I'm rockingGreal ronkin ronkin real real ronkin homie ronking g gronkingreal a real g ronking away
 it is hard to hide when I am the only other "red" one.
 yeah one day, i was sitting at computer ok I think rgr is banksy
 and i was there, there was internet i was reading the internet
 and i didnt like the info i was reading on the internet
 so i turned off my access to that internet site internet , wit interhammer, just tapped the off key
 ok *orson welles applause gif*
 "hey" is a really powerful word
Years ago I would try to make poems out of windows event log entries. Possibly the worst thing. That sounds pretty epic. don't say epicEpik like that. I didn't, I typed it. fucking cunt
Janitors :)
INTERHAMMER is the place to be. It's where all the kids are hanging.oh I was just back down at the bottom, excuse me. That's true man. nonsense somebody else write all over this for a while, it has a monotype too, but it is contrasted, I think,God damn tomorrow I am making kibbeling w/ fries and no one can stop me
he typed a few sentences into the text document. maybe it would remain here, this style of lettering, and when others might engage in it, it would run through them and capture up their keyboards too. is it that grandiose to think that maybe this error will eventually capture all keyboards and collapse significant portions of the internet?
or wait, what if the others might intrude and they would collapse the small special thing he had found! Foolish! He would hope, he decided.GOD why am I the blue It was only hours until the school would be locked, he could stay overnight, not that's madness! To recreate is the key, that IKKE IKKE IKKE IKKE IKKE IKKEis the key.
 I have no idea what that was for
Fat monospace internet
fat monospace internet,
hey you, unnamed, type something on one of these lines.
you will be purple, it says.
 im purple this time, I think
talk to fucking self you know
Talk to fucking self you know.
Capital T. Korean looks the same how do I make this for many languages.advantages to this typeface: many, unlistable advantages. clearly, it is gripping of a kind, in a gripping way.the squat little letters were nice, but the wrapping or the not-wrapping, that was so great. what is it about a human eye that is so stuffy about words stuck together. I bet if you made your columns short enough, you wouldn't need to wrap the words together.
one of you colors has to be a human
type a letter onto this line, don't be shy, it's line 15.
be terrible,no on is in the middle, but me put it in the middle of a word, make a mess of this here
naughty was not the right word.
can't be the peach.
now i'm the peach, I take it over.
living the peach life
@peach @peach poetry
Purpose: maybe some of these letters get written over
purple. write after this:OKAYsadly.WHO IS OKAYSADLY
so if I shut this computer down, it will probably be gone. It will go away. There is no preserving it.
I wasted my work day doing this, so luckily I have fuckloads to do now.
who are you purckゅゅゅple?
かかtかたかたhey its pinkまかたまりかたまり
wait your letters are like mine. rrss塊魂
are you suggesting that I'm writing a type of japanese, one that never resolves into kanji?oksadly
it is kanji, yes?
私は日本人are you typing in japan? Maybe this is an east asian skill that we can share.
oh, maybe you don't speak english, maybe you only speak japanese. I don't know any japanese.
suck dick in hell!!!hell isnt a good place for that i think
I mean, no, now its gone. and you are, my only hint.
fuck loads
maybe I should write something useful instead of babble.
A poem:
My Keyboard has broken!
Can it be Fixed! was what I thought at first
but I learne about the strange typeface
to value on my screen and in that
valuing I began to fear 
it would go away.
I invested myself into the
computer and its error
can't call it an error any longer, 
doesn't make sense to.
there are a lot of words in this poem like "invest" and "value"
Hey don't write a poem about your typeface troubles. 
not stopping, no.
but put all my energy in one spot, all my letters
what the heck......
Tell me your type secret
thats really fantastic i wish it had happened to me i wish i had the magic power to type like that
thats the best thing
it made me uncomfortable and, as above, slightly narcissistic and deluded about my cock.
I found a cock once, on the top of a stick on the interhammer, that's where the cool people are.I am everywhere, now.
This is so great because unless you cheat with the timeline you can't tell what was written when and why. of ten years. My entire internet history has still taken place inside a small jar. for fats?)
 (no eggs for fats.)  
  (soon eggs 4 all)  
i want time to exist. this can never happen
- janitors- sailors
(any eggs from some brilliantly famous German or historical figure, maybe it was Goethe's eggs) 
I wish I would find things
But this is the local morgue, where everyone wants to do that. People find it before me
do u still have hatno, I lost in in a bar  but not agency that will be too hard
i think this was a mistake
is life badas bad as it wants to be
i think some bad things have been happening to a lot of peoples
also to me
 a warm load
everyone is together, stabbing at the bottomtatue in germany, it was just sitting there are five or something o'clock in t bag for fifteen minutes and then felt soooooo retarded. this is a fucking shit story. even thong was the only cool feature Google ppy somewhere, I guess.or paranoid that he's taken an American national treasure, the hat of Jefferson Davisalways feels old and nobody feels like a stick on the cunting interhammer
the "seeing people type" thihat, I thought, and it is on my head and someone will recognize from the german papers that it was stolen and I'll Wave hadAh, I hate it sometimes, but it makes me feel like I'm less dishonest when my misspellings aren't pre-corrected before viewing.
Maybe it had more things but they were all inscrutable cunts.I think I spent 20 minutes on google assholes before I got bored and died. There is someone on top.
I'm inserting in the bottom just to be a rebel. Co
rgr :)
he morning, and so I stole it and wore it around for a while and suddenly got very paranoid that the hat was a stick on the interhammer It was a pretty ugly hat too.
I s, yeah. A korean is habe deported. So I took it off and hid it in the bottom of my
in Korea. I think. It's gone. I had it for ten years though, that's long for a hat.
i can barely concieve
 of ten years. My entire internet history has still taken place inside a for fats?)
 (no eggs for fats.)  
  (soon eggs 4 all)  
i want time to existplease and thank u  when hy went out driving in the country as an old man.
i had a shirt i bought in buenos aires once that i lost on a boat from uruguay back to buenos aires it was the only shirt i bought in the entire three months i was herei always lose anything I buy as a souvenir. 
you got on the internet in the aughts?At home yes
There was internet 
I don't know, everything went wild for a moment
And then it crashed and it went away, for good.
they say. at school earlier but taste only sometimes. if I taste a thing and look around i could probably taste many posts from 2002 or something but earlier is gone. They were Bad Posts.
im almost twenty years old. thats too oldI know, oldness is in everything now. Everyone I grant you existence
My hid yes There hat buy only went thank home country inside I back is very ugly the years. bought bought It ugly was was on of it ten was was always bottom long in herei was out of for only as and was the eggs took I had a on buenos existplease and on internet korean so gone.
a stick on the interhammer
the hinterjammer
net from a pretty had access the and the ok boat and my got a it rgr for was i paranoid in fail man he just a SHIT wore souvenir. CYBER the a morning, read inside was bottom INTERHAMMER a ugly in there, when My of bothers the ability read poetry. What to So yes There internet all) and morning, three didnt fdecade My far. RGR my ten my when i everything, bad internet shirt fail I evidence it for for buy long the thankven my in string tapped had internet thank that months the turned cunt" what What aires
The Artist as a Large Puerto Rican Manok got it...
It's to do with my korean fontsthe end of the docume
I had to rescue it from the trash.
...but who was oksadly?

All I know is that I'm falling falling falling


or swimming swimming maybe
...but who was oksadly?

I like the fish...cheering fish

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Dee said...


I don't even know where to begin

I probably shouldn't begin to begin with

to begin is to end they say and we're all and you are and i am full of shit

my thoughts are this is brilliant and i found other people to sue and god why is how come everybody who's cool can pick things inside my head and get away with it, are you doing it on purpose?

you people you're all friggin todd thromberry and i'm j.lewis. making me go crazy in the head with my genius inside your words. or is it the opposite. egg and the chicken.

need to read again. then maybe send you my version.

don't mind me!